Thank you to our wonderful families who left this feedback on our Facebook page. Our coaches treasure your kind words as we strive to make our a happy home for all our athletes!

  • ‘My youngest wanted to learn how to cartwheel … I wasn’t so sure, cheerleading is presented to negatively I really didn’t want any of that for her. That was three years ago and our experience has been nothing like the stereotypes, instead we have found a really supportive club filled with happy people learning some crazy skills.
    The parents team ( which I’m now on) is a blast! If you like to laugh and want to try something new, lots of different levels of skill and commitment … See you there’
  • ‘I have done cheer for 8 years and Sirens is the best cheer gym I have been at.
    Everyone at sirens is a big family who is supportive help each other whenever it is needed, I wouldn’t want to be apart of any other gym. I have learn’t so much at sirens and I love my team, Our coaches make it clear that it isn’t all about winning, it’s about having fun and working as a team. I have made many amazing friends here and had some of the best experiences of my life. If you are looking for a cheerleading team to join this is by far the best one!’
  • ‘Amazing community, great coaches and a great sport. Have recommended the club to interested athletes.’
  • ‘Sirens is a wonderful place not only to train but to coach! The staff and other coaches are just wonderful and always strive to do the best thing for both the athletes and the team as a whole. I couldn’t imagine working for a better club and wouldn’t cheer anywhere else. Keep it up Rianna! We’re moving Sirens into a whole new elite level that Canberra hasn’t seen before!’
  • ‘Just a small thank you for what Sirens has done for my family. I have a special needs kid who is the current focus of my family’s attention (as we are going through our NDIA journey), so it’s lovely to celebrate my other children’s efforts. I love that Sami has worked hard at Sirens and achieved the goals I had in my head (my one goal last year for her was a cart wheel!). In our family circumstances, it’s been hard to support each of my children so that they are not just ‘present’, but so they each have their own activities/choices. Sirens’ Coaches are amazing, and if I had the money to pay them for what they have done done for Sami’s self-esteem (and my family), they’d all be millionaires.’
  • ‘Cheerleading has been an awesome sport for my daughter to do after years of gymnastics and calisthenics. The club has such a great atmosphere. We will be long time members!’
  • ‘As a mum of a child who is tiny and has special needs, age based sports can be a bit daunting. My daughter has had two lessons at Sirens and has felt supported, welcomed and is loving it. Thanks to the whole team for your awesome work.’
  • ‘When I first joined sirens I had no idea what I was getting into and was a little hesitant about what people would think – but it quickly became clear that I was not only learning all these skills that I had no idea were even possible for someone my age and especially having no background in anything close to cheer, but I gained something much more, a great bunch of friends who have become like family, The support not only from the other parents in the squad but the coaches and the kids is amazing. Being apart of Sirens has taught me to believe in myself and that anything is possible regardless of age or size.’
  • ‘Sirens is my second family and home. What the Siren’s leadership has instilled in their cheerleaders is a strong, positive philosophy which is more valuable than the trophies and banners we win. Sirens builds cheerleaders, and even greater people, fosters commitment and feeds on enthusiasm. I never hesitate to encourage anyone wanting to try cheerleading to do so through Sirens.’
  • ‘Sirens is an awesome place where athletes of every level are supported and challenged in a safe environment to do their best. The owner, coaches and families are amazing and the team spirit makes it a pleasure to go to training and competitions. For us it is a second place to call home!’
  • ‘We are incoming newbies to the club for 2015. From my first enquiry, remote video try out, questions and forms; nothing was too much trouble. My daughter and I are excited and feel valued and welcomed already! Bring on 2015.’
  • ‘My daughter Gaby moved from dancing to cheer when she was 6. She wanted to do poms, as it wasn’t available at the time she started with cheer but when poms started she was there for that too. To be honest she would be at Sirens gym every night of the week if she could. She has made some amazing friends and has some incredible skills thanks to the dedicated coaches. She looks forward to every training. Thank you Sirens coaches and staff for encouraging and running such a successful programme.’
  • ‘By far Sirens Cheerleaders represent the most supportive and welcoming training environment I’ve ever had the good fortune to be involved with. My fitness has improved phenomenally since I started this incredible sport. The enthusiasm and positivity of all the coaches is a constant motivator. I’m lucky to be able to call myself a Sirens Cheerleader.’
  • ‘Five stars all the way. Take the support friendship highly skilled dedicated and amazing athletes who always support each other. Add terrific dedicated hard working passionate coaching staff plus awesome supportive families. What’s not to love. But wait there’s more you get your own dedicated cheer gym to call home. What’s not to love. Sirens is a fantastic place to build confident hard working resilient beautiful people who care about their cheer family.’
  • ‘My daughter loves Being a cheerleader! It is a sport that covers all of her loves in life..dancing, performing and now stunting. It’s amazing seeing the look on her face when she achieves something she has been working on for a long time. The sirens family are skilled, passionate about the sport, encouraging, and supportive. Such a fantastic place to achieve amazing things and have lots of fun! !’
  • ‘I love cheering with Sirens, not just because of the joy of the sport, but also because the enthusiasm, enjoyment, and empathy shown by the members of all the squads is truly astounding. The parents are wonderful, and thoughtful, the coaches are inspiring and energetic, and the cheerleaders are skilled, strong, and smiling! We are friendly, happy, and helpful!’
  • ‘We sure do love being part of the Sirens family! The combination of fun, support, commitment, teamwork, leadership, positivity and top quality coaches makes Sirens Cheerleaders the cheer leader in the ACT. So pleased to have this squad in Canberra.’
  • ‘Sienna lives and breathes cheer. Sirens cheerleaders, the amazing coaches, and all the incredible athletes she trains hard with several times a week make her love for the sport a reality! Thanks for welcoming us into the sirens family back in 2012, every training session and every competition has made her desire to strive to do her best that little bit stronger!’