Coach Rianna Macdougall started Sirens Cheerleaders for fun in Townsville in 2009. It started with a pom squad and a stunt group to cater for a friendly group of adults, who wanted a quality program with a great atmosphere, where they could train in competitive cheerleading rather than just sideline entertainment. Many of the original cheerleaders came from the ‘Army’ squad, which Rianna raised in 2008.

Having been involved in numerous cheer programs in the past, Rianna knew a great program had to be founded on a great culture. So Sirens Cheerleaders focussed on attitude as well as physical skills. The result, after only a few months, was friendly squads and national champions!

Sirens Cheerleaders took off in Canberra in 2011 and expanded rapidly. Sirens now has its own fully equipped cheer gym in Mitchell. It is constantly adding squads, coaches, upgrading its facilities, developing exciting new merchandise, performing at bigger and better events, bringing home trophies, competing internationally and always trying to improve every aspect of the program.

In January 2017, Coach Belinda Dawson took over Sirens Cheerleaders so that Rianna could concentrate more fully on her family.  Rianna is still excited to be coaching 2 teams at Sirens and will continue to share her many years of experience.

Belinda  coached at Sirens for 3 years before taking over as the new owner. She has many years experience in the industry and a strong passion for building on the values that Sirens is known for.

Be part of the fun and make yourself a home with Sirens Cheerleaders.