About Competitive Cheerleading

Competitive or ‘all star’ cheerleading is an exciting experience for committed athletes and families. We perform choreographed routines at local, interstate and sometimes international cheerleading competitions. Routines are fast-paced and include stunts, jumps, dance and tumbling to high energy music.

The Commitment

Sirens Cheerleaders offers many competitive teams for various ages and skill level. We offer three different levels of competitive teams:

  • Full Competitive Teams : ‘Full schedule’ teams with several competitions, multiple weekly training sessions and interstate travel (adult 1 & Open 2 once weekly training), competition schedule for teams varies a little depending on the team;
  • Semi-Competitive Teams : teams are  modified competitive teams with local competitions, one Sydney-based competition, once a week training.
  • Senior Level 2 South Coast team is a modified competitive team with local competitions, one Sydney-based competition, once a week training.

Team Placements are compulsory and held in early December each year however experienced cheerleaders  may be eligible to join after the season has started . For families keen to join  after term has started please contact us for options. Competitive athletes are encouraged to enrol in tumbling classes where possible. Strict attendance rules and uniform requirements apply to competitive athletes and athletes must attend all scheduled competitions.

The Rewards

Competitive cheerleading is a challenging but very rewarding sport where athletes learn skills for life: including teamwork, discipline, persistence and mental toughness. Athletes get to perform stunting, gymnastics and dance skills but in a team-focused environment.

Sirens Cheerleaders is the first ACT cheerleading program to compete internationally. In February 2017 and 2019 we took  teams to the world’s biggest cheerleading competition: NCA All Star Nationals in Texas USA. We have competed in  Hawaii  at Global Cheer and Dance for which we won 4 bids. Our dream is to one day win a bid to and attend The Cheerleading Worlds in Florida USA.

To join a competitive team in 2019, please contact us for further information. Teams are set in December for the following year, however places are still open  in special circumstances.  For more information see our Information Pack.

Semi-Competitive Cheerleading

Sirens Cheerleaders are excited to offer a semi-competitive level of cheer. This program will allow athletes to get a taste of cheerleading and all the excitement it has to offer with only once a week training sessions and just 2 local competitions a year and and one Sydney based comp.  Athletes still get all our expert tuition from our highly qualified coaches as well as learn and master the cheer techniques of stunting and tumbling without the commitment level of a full competitive schedule. This is great for children that want that little bit more than a recreational team without the added training sessions. Age 7-18yrs.